Wednesday, May 20, 2009


i've always got what i want
some may saw it as luck and blessing
but most of the time i think it's a curse

it would be a hell lot easier
if i only got what i need
as oppose to what i want

life would not be that much exciting
but it would not be that hard either

less choices, less decisions, less mistakes

angel: it is stupid!
demon: but it's great!

angel: you will regret it!
demon: but you love it now!

angel: it's going to eat yourself alive!
demon: you'll learn to live with it!

angel: it's yet another mistake!
demon: but it's a great mistake!


Uru said...

1 vote for demon

valium said...


Uru said...

manusia nh lemah ngan godaan
xthn ngan cabaran

Amermeftah said...

life is mistake

valium said...

korang semua macam kurang membantu sedikit

Amermeftah said...

because life can be seen in/from different way

*trying to understand life*

valium said...

but life is life
you don't need to understand it
you just need to live it

Amermeftah said...

and that's what people (me) don't understand, they keep seeking

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